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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

hEArT ohio | Hartzler Milk


"All milk tastes the same." you might say, if you haven't tried Ohio milk. Ohioans care about milk, as clearly evidenced by the amount of ice cream produced here every year. Columbus is best known for Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, Cincinnati's known for Graeter's, Utica for Velvet Ice Cream, Granville for Whit's Frozen Custard, and so on. If it weren't for great milk, there would be no great ice cream.

And this is some great milk. 

What's to love about Hartzler Milk?

1. It comes in a cool glass bottle with two convenient handles.
2. Return the glass bottle, collect the $1.50 deposit, and Hartzler's will REUSE the bottle.
    Not recycle it, they actually reuse the very same bottle.
3. Glass bottles keep milk colder. Yum.
4. It's Non-Homogenized. (keep reading, there's more about this.)
5. It's available at many chain grocery stores, small local stores and farmers markets, meaning it's easy to find. 
6. No chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, GMO seeds, or hormones have been used on the farm
    or added to this milk since 1964, surpassing organic standards.

It tastes how milk should taste. Creamy, cold, and nutritious.

This has a lot to do with the milk not being homogenized. Homogenization was developed to mix the natural layer of cream that forms on the top INTO the milk, for overall consistency of product. Hartzler milk leaves the layer of cream on top, which can be shaken and distributed before pouring or eaten on its own. (This may just become your favorite part.) The cream gives the milk a clean, full-bodied flavor.

Just like how Coke tastes different in a can vs. from the soda fountain, plastic containers affect the flavor and temperature of milk. We drink out of glasses because glass has the least influence on flavor. An added health benefit of Hartzler's? It's easier to digest. Individuals who'd given up drinking glasses of milk long ago due to upset stomachs can possibly enjoy milk as though they're kids again. 

Get hooked on Hartzler milk. Can be found at:
Green Bean Delivery
Raisin Rack
Westerville Farmers Market
and many more

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