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Where did the name “Photo Kitchen” come from?
I’ve always been comfortable in the kitchen, both at home
and at work, so Photo Kitchen became my new kitchen.

How would you describe what you do?
I create custom images for my clients to match their
branding and portray the message they wish to share.

What makes you different from other photographers?
I’m committed to helping my clients succeed in any way I
can. I don’t hand over a disc of images and walk away. I help
them find ways to use the images to best impact their business.

Do you only shoot food?
No, not just food. I also love shooting pets, products, portraits...
variety is the biggest perk of my job. Check out Photo Kitchen's 
portfolio to see some of my other work.

How would you describe a typical day?
Varied. Monday may be spent at a food manufacturing plant,
Tuesday in front of the computer retouching images and
Wednesday at a 5-star restaurant.

What's the craziest thing you’ve done as a photographer?
The crazy stuff is in the prep work. Photographers make it
look easy, but there can be entire weeks of planning for one
hour of shooting. Last year I spent 2 months on the search
for the perfect punch bowl for a shoot.

Do you usually eat the food you shoot?
Wasted food is a travesty; if I don’t eat it, there’s always
someone else waiting to snatch it up!

What’s your favorite food to photograph?
Anything gooey. Grilled cheese, honey, sticky buns….

What’s the hardest thing to photograph?
Fish with heads! Not living fish, of course. They're cute.

Where do you find your recipes?
All over! From clients, friends, blogs, Food Network, CSA

List 3 adjectives to describe your style:
Playful, colorful, delectable.

Advice for aspiring photographers?
The photography is only a fraction of what needs to be
done in a day. Learn the business of photography first, the
creative side second.