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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Library Dish: Reasons This Food Photographer Loves Libraries

Who uses libraries anymore, you ask?
I do. And here's why!

1. Librarians are like your mother. They know everything.
Well, even if they DON'T know it, they know how to research to find it! Librarians are super smart, they're even required to have a Master's Degree in Library Sciences. Did you know that?

2. If you don't have electricity, the library might.

The library is just far enough away that if my electricity is out, the library's might not be. This is super important if I have a deadline looming with no working internet/computer. The library will let me use theirs FOR FREE.

3. Who doesn't want free entertainment?

Editing and retouching thousands of photos can get tedious and lonely. The library fills the gap with many an audio book, t.v. show and song. If it weren't for the library, all my profits would've ended up at Netflix and Half-Priced Books.

4. The legal mumbo-jumbo.

How did I learn everything I know about copyright laws? The library. Not only is it nice I don't have to buy the boring books, but the library encourages me to actually READ them. When I buy a book, I set it on my nightstand and promptly forget about it. But if it's a library book, I know it has an expiration date. Having that expiration date hovering over my head is what gets me to actually READ the book. It's like my conscience nagging at me.

5. Martha Stewart, Bon Appetit, and Paula Dean

I love me a food magazine and cookbook! Instead of having a million magazines cluttering up my house, I get them all from the library, stare at the pretty pictures for a while, then return them. I get my food porn fix then I move on. It's the perfect paper relationship.

Why do YOU love the library?

Support the Westerville Public Library by voting YES on Issue 19 on November 8th!

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