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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Commercial Food Photography Studio

Recipe of the Month:
Blueberry Boy Bait

This recipe came to me by request, from a certain someone who loves blueberries. He found the recipe on SmittenKitchen, and I figured, why not? Trader Joe's had blueberries that looked too good to pass up, and I was on a baking spree anyway, so I figured I'd throw this one in the mix. It was very simple to make, and will be perfect for breakfast (like a mix between a muffin and coffee cake), and a snack, and dinner....Don't worry, it's healthy; there's fruit in it!

Here are a few photos of the batter. I always scrape the bowl clean, no batter will go to waste at my house!

And here are a few hurried shots of the final product. Every food photo shoot is a process. I start with what I like most, but then move onto different angles, and points of focus. Then I begin to add in elements and deconstruct the subject. You can't go backwards with food, so I always start with the least destructive option.
1. The first image was shot from the back of the piece of cake I cut. I say the back, because it was the side that was falling apart, but I liked how it looked anyway.
2. The second shot is of the clean side, the front. While it looks okay, I think it's too straight, and doesn't look as bite-worthy as the other side.
3. The third one is shot from higher up so the focus goes further in the background and you get to see the fork cutting into the cake. I like this one best, because it shows the product well, but is also interactive. I feel like I'm about to eat it.
4. The fourth one I shot to get closer up into the cake with the fork, but the piece in the front doesn't look all that appealing, so I'd stick with #3.

Which one do you like best?


Lynn said...

I like number 3 too... Yum. Looks delish!

Tamara said...

I'm wavering between #3 and #4. I like to see my food closeup. :)

Catherine Murray said...

Tamara, I agree, usually I like my food close up too :).
Thanks Lynn! I think the recipe is pretty good. I say it tastes a bit like a blueberry coffee cake, but I've also heard reviews that it tastes like a sweeter blueberry cornbread. Either way, I don't think you could go wrong!